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World Mental Health Day 2018

Hi, my name is Gregory and I have anxiety. Today is World Mental Health Day, or Mental Health Awareness Day. Either way it's a day I fully appreciate. As time goes by there is more and more awareness and education about Mental Health issues and that can only be a good thing. The more people… Continue reading World Mental Health Day 2018

Short Stories

Old Mrs Craig’s Face.

She noticed the lines around her eyes, which she felt aged her the most. ‘Crows feet’, of which they were known by many, as well as ‘laughter lines’. She supposed the latter was more appropriate; she’d laughed a great deal during her life and not met many crows.

Gregory's Blog


Every Tuesday I try my best to post Haikus on Twitter using #Haikuesday (follow me @TheGregLawrence!). I find they're a good way to get creative in short bursts when I'm finding writing difficult. Here are a few I've posted. Enjoy! --- Time comes without fail; Bearing the warmest hug to Relieve you of grief. ---… Continue reading #Haikuesday