Ellen; My Sister.

Ellen my sister wasn’t always my sister,
Ellen is somebody new.
Ellen my sister is my foster sister,
And her story is heartfelt and true.

Ellen, so sweet, was disowned by her Dad,
Ellen also rejected by Mum.
Ellen has had to be privately schooled,
So now she is taunted by none.

Ellen, my sister, and I had a past,
Ellen, was somewhat a trial.
Ellen moved into my house back in May,
And we didn’t talk for a while.

Ellen was fostered by my Mum and Dad,
Ellen’s first month, it was tough,
Ellen accepted the time it would take,
For me to accept her with love.

Ellen my sister wasn’t always my sister
Ellen was born as a guy,
Ellen my sister was Alan my boyfriend,
But Alan was living a lie.

Alan my boyfriend was lovely and kind,
Alan my boyfriend was hot,
Alan was sensitive – he was the best,
But Alan inside, he was not.

Alan and I shared a class at our school,
Alan was clever and shy,
Alan my boyfriend was sort of reserved.
I suppose now I understand why.

Alan and I were in love for a year.
Alan, he never did wrong,
Alan turned our world inside and out,
When he brought a close to our song.

Ellen came out to a stranger online,
Ellen, she broke down in tears,
Ellen let go of a secret she feared
And had clung to for so many years.

Ellen, she built up the courage to speak
Ellen was honest and brave,
Ellen was kicked out of house and of home,
And starved of the love that she’d crave.

Alan broke down in my arms as he sobbed,
Alan looked into my eyes.
Alan told truths I rejected at first,
Selfish, I branded them lies.

Ellen, née Alan, now living with us,
Ellen had paperwork signed,
Ellen was Ellen now permanently.
Alan was now redefined.

Ellen took time to explain it to me,
Ellen was born as a boy,
Ellen, however, inside was a girl
And boyfullness brought her no joy.

Ellen had lived through much pain and great fear,
Ellen had demons she’d fought,
Ellen was still the same person I loved,
And not the despicable sort.

“Ellen”, I mustered with tears in my eyes,
“Ellen it’s taken a while”,
“Ellen I love you, however you are.”
And across Ellen’s face was a smile.

Ellen, my sister, is brave and is kind,
Ellen is funny and tough,
Ellen stood up for herself in the dark,
And I came to accept her with love.

Ellen, my sister is happier now,
Ellen has people who matter,
Ellen still faces some challenging folk,
But prejudice, she hopes to shatter.

Ellen has changed the way that I think,
Ellen, my sister, my friend.
Ellen, her story was different at first
But no different than mine in the end.

Gregory Lawrence.

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