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Every Tuesday I try my best to post Haikus on Twitter using #Haikuesday (follow me @TheGregLawrence!). I find they’re a good way to get creative in short bursts when I’m finding writing difficult. Here are a few I’ve posted. Enjoy!

Time comes without fail;
Bearing the warmest hug to
Relieve you of grief.

What a fantastic journey.
Still so far to go.

The gender wage gap;
Wider than the Amazon.
Keep swimming; you’ll win.

The ones who shape us,
Forever remain present.
A constant imprint.

Innocent Muslims
Banned due to geography.
Oh, and bigotry.

Returning after
Leaving in a muddied rush;
The fog never lifts.

The heart cannot feel –
It pumps. It’s oblivious
To its metaphor.

Tree falls in forest.
Nobody hears it except
For all of the bugs.

This resplendent life;
Shadowed by bigots and fools
Who kill the world’s fun.

Nothing is solved by
Putting your head in the sand.
Face your mess head on.

Gregory Lawrence

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