Little You.

When we are small our dreams are big,
When Nurses we will be.
When Firemen and Astronauts
Are futures that we see.

When being Fairy Princesses,
Are no more tale than fable,
We’ll slay those dragons when we’re big,
When we are strong and able.

When we return from work each night,
We’ll have dessert for dinner,
Our bedtime will be after 10,
And we will be the winner.

We’ll have one hundred puppies,
And wish happiness for all.
Our lives will be fantastic.
These are dreams we have when small.

But we grow old and wiser so
Our dreams are often quashed,
We grow up, find adult jobs,
And dreaming hands are washed.

Our dreams become unreachable,
How will we pay our rent?
How will we save up every month
When every penny’s spent?

With unexpected Council Tax,
And multiplying bills,
Just juggling them all will
Have you running for the hills.

We find ourselves concerned with
Fluctuations in our weight,
And if we’re out of toilet roll,
Or if we’ve closed the gate.

Who wrote the book that tells us that
We can’t do what we crave?
Sure, play within the rules of life,
But try to misbehave.

Pet dogs with gay abandon while
You have a second slice,
And why not make decisions
On the rolling of a dice.

Laugh with babies on the bus,
Speak freely to your cat,
Make up another language
And speak to friends in that.

Do what Little You once craved
And have dessert for dinner,
If that’s what makes you happy
You won’t wish that you were thinner.

Write poetry, sing Disney songs,
Buy soaps that smell like sweets,
Wear clothes you love and comfy shoes,
And boogie in the streets.

Don’t stay behind that desk you hate,
Don’t live life feeling blue,
Why sit and wait for happiness,
Don’t let down Little You.

Remember this, forever more,
When life becomes bereft,
Inside each grown up person,
Is a child that never left.

Gregory Lawrence.

5 thoughts on “Little You.”

  1. Greg, I love this. Perfectly inspirational at the perfect moment. Needed to read this today. Thank you!!

  2. Absolutely loved this! So very thought provoking. Matt Lucas reading this brings it to life on ‘ You Tube.’

    Thanks for sharing, Greg…what a hidden talent!

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