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A Single Tear At A Wedding


A little while ago I entered this monologue into an online competition (250 word limit; subject: Love Letters) and was chosen as a finalist! I didn’t win, but I’m very proud that my first monologue was acknowledged and even chosen to be performed by two people! Check it out, and let me know what you think!

You looked beautiful this afternoon. You still do. I took a seat in the back like you wanted but I could still see you clearly. No amount of distance could ever cloud the sheer perfection of you. I’d never cried at a wedding before – funerals, sure, but never weddings. A single tear, just here [David touches own face] and in that moment I felt like the biggest cliché. A single tear at a wedding. [Pause]. They’re supposed to be happy though, aren’t they, single tears at a wedding? That little droplet of moisture is supposed to contain endless amounts of joy and good will for the happy couple. [Pause] Not mine. My little droplet contained our past and the imminent darkness of our future. That’s if we can even have a future. You hate when I’m dramatic, don’t you? Well I hate this facade, this day of “celebration”, these secrets and these lies. You wiped a tear after your vows, but was that from happiness or was it tear-synchronicity? I’m not convinced you could have been fully happy up there knowing that somewhere I may be shedding a single tear of anguish. This whole situation will devour me, I’ve no doubt. It’ll cloud everything we have and it’ll be torture. I will rest somewhat easier, though, in the knowledge that she’ll never be me. I’ll always be the one you escape to. [Beat] She’ll never be me, Michael, and you’ll never be you.
Gregory Lawrence.

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