Stop It: Gay Edition.

I’m a man who looks at pink and doesn’t feel dismay
For I know that enjoying pink – doesn’t make you gay.
What makes you gay is something else, something rather rude.
For boys to be gay they must want their willy near a dude.

It’s simply that and nothing more, be quick to understand,
The rumours and the guesswork now are getting out of hand.
Allow me to explain, and if more answers you require,
Strike up a conversation with a homo you admire.

Men are not made gay when they attend a theatre show,
Homos aren’t created when they warble “Let It Go”,
Gay boys aren’t that way because they’re “sensitive” and “shy”,
Every man is human, and they’re all able to cry.

Gay men aren’t a novelty, they’re not there to be worn,
They’re not just bitchy side-kicks who’ll just criticize and scorn.
Gay men can be masculine, and gay men can be camp,
Limpness does not guarantee a concrete “homo” stamp.

Being gay does not mean “sick”, not every gay has AIDs,
Not every homosexual man enjoys his roller-blades,
They’re not all fashionistas, they don’t all prefer their Mum,
Not every gay man will enjoy things prodded up their bum.

There is no special potion, and there is no lesson plan
That can stop a gay boy getting funky with another man.
Gays cannot be moulded and they cannot be revised,
Those that campaign change, will only grow to be despised.

For girls to be gay they must want their foo-foo near a chick,
For gay girls, unlike gay boys, don’t have fantasies of dick.
Gay girls are not made because they’ve hatred for a man,
Gay girls are just gay because of fanny they’re a fan.

Girls, of every label, come in every shape and size,
Their image doesn’t coincide with who’s between their thighs.
Lesbians aren’t born with chequered shirts and that’s because
They develop their own styling – just like everybody does.

Gay girls aren’t that way, ’cause “they just ain’t had the right man”.
That myth’s made by narrow-minds that just don’t understand.
The lesbians of Pornohub are not a clear reflection,
Lesbians are not just there for pleasing your erection.

They’re not all vegetarians, they weren’t abused when young,
They don’t frequent the Hall of Fame where K.D Lang is hung.
Gay girls are legitimate, it isn’t just a phase,
There’s no real reason, save for fear, to ostracise the gays.

Lesbians are respectful, they know where boundaries lay,
Don’t assume ’cause you’re a girl they’ll try to make you gay.
Gay recruiters don’t exist, gay agendas aren’t a thing,
You’ve led a fairly sheltered life, if onto that you cling.

Gay boys don’t decide one day, they don’t wake up and say
“It’s Monday, what will shock the world? I know, I’ll say I’m gay!”
The same, it seems, for gay girls is the fact they don’t proclaim
“I’m really bored, I think I’ll fancy women as a game!”

Basically, my message is that nothing makes you gay,
The human race is born to love in each and every way.
Some men fancy men and there are ladies who’ll concur,
Some girls fancy girls and that’s what some men will prefer.

These misconceived ideas that are both damaging and strong,
Have major consequences, and their consequence is wrong.
You can be the change if you just change the way you think,
And we can all live happy in a world that doesn’t stink.

Gregory Lawrence.

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