Open your eyes, dear sweet child,
Let fingers be uncurled.
Take a breath, breathe in beguiled,
And greet your brand new world.

The world around you’s big and bold,
With much to learn and see,
It’s full of fun before you’re old,
(And after – if you’re me!)

The world is full of scary stuff,
But scared you must not be.
Be confident and face the rough,
And happiness you shall see.

The world is full of awesome too,
And no doubt you’ll be ace.
But too much awesome spoils you,
So take a gentle pace.

One part Mummy, one part Dad.
Loved by all connected.
Don’t fret if this world brings you bad,
Know that you’re protected.

Be bad and brave, try not to boast,
But be a good man too,
Be nice to those you love the most,
And they’ll be nice to you.

Don’t grow up before you should,
Be childish all the while,
You’ll meet some folk who never could,
Who don’t know how to smile.

Enjoy your childhood, while you can,
While your food is milky.
But I can’t wait to meet the man
Who once was baby Wilkie.

Gregory Lawrence.

Dedicated wholly to my new baby nephew Archie; a perfect bundle of preciousness and the product of my gorgeous sister and her boyfriend. Congratulations on your arrival!

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