Little Jordan.

Once when playing in the sand,
Little Jordan found a hand.
She wondered who had left it there
Between the pier and Dad’s deck chair.
“A careless thing to leave behind,”
She thought, “but what a treasured find!”
A find that she had never seen,
An object that looked so serene.
She picked it up and walked down to
The violent sea in green and blue.
She placed it by the seaweed pile
And sat with it to wait a while.
She spoke with it about her folks,
And even told her favourite jokes.
At 4 o’clock she was called in,
She put her hand friend in the bin.
She looked at her dismembered friend,
No longer could she hold and tend
A littered limb in blue and black,
One day, she thought, she would come back
And find her small, five fingered friend.
She’d take it home to fix and mend
The hand she’d left there in the bin,
Discarded with a hopeful grin
And hopeful thought, in early June,
That she would come back someday soon.

Gregory Lawrence.

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