Gregory's Blog

Reader beware. You’re sat in my chair.

Welcome. Bienvenue. How are you all?
I proclaim to an unfollowed blog.
I plan to be using this platform for voicing
My stories and thoughts, as a log.

You’ll find here the contents of thoughts that I’ve had
Whilst cleaning my house and my dentures.
Thoughts that develop and go some place silly,
With characters and their adventures.

There’ll be rhyming and rhythm that may be iambic,
And tales that are funny and gory,
But readers, I promise, if you are afraid,
There won’t be much gore in my story.

I hope you enjoy what I have for you all,
And take something from these adventures,
Let me know what you think – please pull up a chair!
Oh and please, I don’t really have dentures.

Gregory Lawrence.

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